The 7 Laws of Enough: Cultivating a Life of Sustainable Abundance

The 7 Laws of Enough is a book about the most radical kind of change, at the personal, organizational, and societal level: a shift from scarcity to sustainable abundance.

A New Way of Living and Leading

Take the scare out of scarcity and gain refreshing alternatives for your life, career and communities.

Discover that you already are, do and have enough. You’ll find inspiration, experiments, inquiries and practices to cultivate a life of Sustainable Abundance.

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What Do We Mean By "The Seven Laws of Enough"?

These seven principles, pioneered by leadership consultants Gina LaRoche and Jennifer Cohen, guide readers on a transformational journey of self-discovery, towards new leadership strategies and a renewed sense of fulfillment and purpose.

It starts with law number one: stories matter. We are all living in the story of scarcity—the story that tells us we don’t have enough. We want more and more, perpetuating a vicious cycle of consumption that lowers our own well-being and irreparably damages the Earth.

This book is an invitation to live in another story, the story of sustainable abundance. The ripples from making this shift are profound—it will change your relation to your loved ones, your work, and the planet. Essential for spiritual seekers, business leaders, and environmentalists alike, The 7 Laws of Enough points the way towards a new way of living and leading.

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"The authors are true visionaries. Their ground-breaking view of the world is equally compelling as it is comforting, equally inspiring as it is encouraging."

– Erica Arial Fox, CEO Advisor and New York Times best-selling author of Winning from Within

In The Media

Sunday Journal with Hal Clark

Gina & Jen talk with Hal Clark about taking the scare out of scarcity and how we’re all born into stories that shape how we believe and behave. Once we start to see the layers of stories, we gain the power to choose the stories we live into. Jen and Gina share how they transformed their personal stories from scarcity to sustainable abundance.

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Hal Clark

The Story Behind Her Success with Candy O'Terry

Gina outlines the 7 laws of enough and how to be open to new capacities. Jen explores why we feel we need more and how to shift from a survival brain to seeing what is already available to us daily. Beyond the book, Gina and Jen also share how the 7 laws inform their partnership and lives.

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Answers For The Family with Allen Cardoza

Licensed private investigator with 30 years experience, Allen Cardoza welcomes The 7 Laws of Enough as a valuable guide for families, "at risk" youth and everyone we love. They discuss the fallacy of being "self-made" and why seeking more doesn't truly nurture us.

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Allen Cardoza

Energy Awareness Show With T Love, RHP, CST, CPPP

Gina and Jen walk through the The 7 Laws of enough with engaging host T Love. They share stories of how the laws work in their lives and for their clients as they face challenges at home and work. T Love adds her keen insights and first hand impressions of the practices in the book.

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GrowthBusters Podcast with Dave Gardner

Gina and Jen field hard hitting questions on how The 7 Laws speak to the current state of the U.S. political landscape, climate change, competition, cooperation and living sustainably. The conversation ends with Gina reciting her poem "I Am Not Exempt."

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Dave Gardner

America Meditating Radio with Sister Jenna

Jen talks with inspiring speaker, global teacher and nationally syndicated radio host Sister Jenna.

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Sister Jenna

The 40+ Fitness Podcast with Allan Misner

Fitness/nutrition coach and syndicated podcast host Allan Misner and Gina discuss their personal journeys from scarcity to enough. Plus, the American story of scarcity vs. the American dream, and how our life choices can lead to scarcity or sustainable abundance. Gina outlines the 3 components of breaking negative habits or patterns: awareness, unwinding and capacity building.

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Allan Misner

Conversations Live with Vicki St. Clair

Gina and Jen join award-winning writer, producer and Seattle's popular storyteller Vicki St. Clair to discuss sustainable abundance and the 7 laws of enough. Gina outlines the weapons of scarcity and how to disable the weapons. Jen offers ways to reclaim our attention from diversions and use it consciously.

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(30:20 to 55:44)

Vicki St Clair