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We want to help you integrate Sustainable Abundance practices into your daily life. This page is a great place to start.

It's time to dig deeper and look directly at what it will mean to share power and stop controlling the spaces that shape our world.

As we look at Power and Equity, we believe that a great place to start is with personal practice.


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Why a practice and a free gift?

What makes a context come to life is practice. Without practice, that which we declare becomes empty aphorisms and throw away sayings. With practice, we embody that which we have spoken, and that alignment produces integrity, power and inspiration to others we lead.

Seven Stones Community

Gathering together matters. We offer you a place to exchange ideas, find a safe harbor in the storm, receive fortification for the long haul and get inspired and share with others. This community provides you with the strength and tools needed to forge a path, invent what is possible, not probable and go beyond what you have been able to imagine until now.


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The path to Sustainable Abundance can be blocked by scarcity—a constant sense there’s not enough. Most of us suffer from a scarcity mindset. Do you? This 1-minute tool offers 3 actions you can take now to open to Sustainable Abundance.


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